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First Post

So at the reluctant support of my ever-loving wife I’ve decided to cut a small chunk out of my already busy schedule to play with my own blog.

I’ve never really had the desire to catalog my thoughts, ideas and discoveries online before. In fact my first attempt at blogging was a terrible and dismal failure, never making it past the first 10 yard line. I tried to figure out what it was about in High School but didn’t make it very far.

But now that I’ve grown and learned a few things I feel I’m ready for a place to record the ever increasing flow of ideas and discoveries that I deem worthwhile, if for nothing more than to have something I can refer to later.

As a young father, an aspiring software engineer and a humble genius (is that an oxymoron?), I hope I can publish something worth writing, and maybe…. just maybe, something worth reading.