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WPF: CheckBox as GroupBox Header

This is a followup post to the one I wrote on Enabling Controls with a CheckBox. In that post we created some XAML that would enable/disable controls in the GUI based on the IsChecked property of a checkbox.

Here’s an enhancement to that:

Checkbox as header for Groupbox

So what we’re doing is giving the controls on our dialog a nice visual grouping letting the user know that they’re associated. The GroupBox element has long existed to fulfill this need. However, with this little XAML change it also doubles as a sort of access control for the items it contains.

Here’s the XAML:

<groupbox padding="5" horizontalalignment="Stretch">
        <checkbox x:name="chkEnableBackup">Run Backup Sets</checkbox>
    <stackpanel isenabled="{Binding ElementName=chkEnableBackup, Path=IsChecked}">
        <stackpanel orientation="Horizontal">
            <label margin="12,0,0,0">Run backup every</label>
            <combobox width="70" selectedindex="0">
        <stackpanel margin="12,10,0,0">
            <label>Path to Backup:</label>
            <textbox width="200" margin="5,0,0,0">

So all we’ve done here is add the CheckBox to the <GroupBox.Header> element of the GroupBox. Pretty slick!

This little technique is complete UI Candy and in my opinion illustrates one of the many powerful features of WPF: the ability to customize the GUI in any way you want, down to any level!