Green Sudoku, a C# App


Green Sudoku, a C# App

So I’ve written a small Sudoku game in C#. I originally started writing it so that I could have an interface to test my Sudoku Solving Algorithm. But as I worked on it, it became more and more a nice little application worthy of its own existence.

It only has 3 puzzles hard-coded into it that I’ve been using for testing purposes, but they’re fun to play, even though they’re a little on the easy side. My plan is to update the game to automatically download puzzles from some of the major Sudoku game websites that are out there. This would allow you to play literally millions of puzzles from several different levels of difficulty.

So I post it here for your puzzle-solving pleasure! Please be patient with it as it has a few bugs I’m still working out. If you happen to find any please let me know by commenting in this post!

This link will provide you with a direct download to a zip file that contains the game and a few files it needs to run. After downloading it just extract it anywhere you’d like and enjoy!

* (360KB)

Green Sudoku Screenshot

*Note: You need to have .NET framework version 2.0 or later installed on your system. If you’re not sure whether you have it you can download and run this small program from Microsoft which will install it if it’s not present on your system.

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DealPosted on1:52 pm - May 9, 2012

Hi, Nice game man. I stumbled upon it by accident.. You dont have the sourcecode left do you? I am programing an sudoku on my own and it would really be helpful if i could maybe take a look at yours,

AshleyPosted on10:48 pm - Sep 27, 2008

I’d never even played this before and now I <3 it! You did awesome, babe

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